What's that shuttle thing in the Control Panel?

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What's that shuttle thing in the Control Panel?

Postby Admin » 2016-03-15, Tue, 19:00

__We have automated the requests for transport from the airport to the accommodation site.

__It's no surprise that transport can be tricky when many people fly into the country at different times. As a result, we set up a few fields in the Control Panel that you can fill yourself at any time, on your terms. The flight number and date/time allows us to know who is coming and when, and the number of people and bags will make sure that transport is never insufficient.

__Simply flip the "I need shuttle" to "Yes". Fill in the flight number and time and we'll be there. If you have more than one bag, you can set that too at any time, as well as the number of guests you bring with you. The information is centralized by our scheduling system and we will be there to pick you up.

__Remember that you can fill in the info at any time, and change it at any time, without confirmation. You can fill date, time, flight number independently as information becomes available and can change the number of bags even as you board the plane.

__And, as always, if you would like to add anything to the request, change your mind or simply want confirmation you can always contact us through the official channels.

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