Why do I want an avatar?

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Why do I want an avatar?

Post by Admin » 2016-03-15, Tue, 18:45

__This registration system is tied into our shiny new IBIBO engine. Details here will be used by all services and features of both IBIBO and IDM Club, including the new smart badges that allow access to our VIP area and the scoring system that has enhanced information about each player, complete with picture, statistics and links to social sites so fans of the contest can find out more about each player.

__Don't have an image handy? No worries. We have all the equipment set up and we'll issue your full access badge when you get here. Or, if you have an image you like but you are having trouble setting it up, just contact us with a link and we'll set it up for you.

__If for any reason you don't want to benefit from the enhancements we offer, you can contact staff on any of the official channels and we will respect your privacy. Note, however, that VIP area access is based on visual identification as a secondary security feature, so by not using your own face as an avatar you forfeit these facilities. You can still register and play in the tournament, and a smart badge will still be issued.

__Please note IBIBO staff reserves full moderation rights for the images we print.