Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to my account

How do I change my password?
Password is part of the User Control Panel. Either click on your username on your top right corner or simply click the link entitled "Change Your Settings" in the middle of the home screen. Change what you need there. Remember to save all changes.

How do I change my e-mail address?
E-mail is part of the User Control Panel. See above.

How do I change my IBIBO ID?
Your IBIBO ID is unique and persists through editions. As a result, it cannot be changed. If you believe that your ID has been assigned to you in error, you can contact the administrator though the contact for at the bottom of the page or you can send an email at the official address of the contest, found everywhere (including and

How do I change my avatar? And why?
Avatar is part of the User Control Panel. See entry on password above. Your avatar will be propagated across the IBIBO engine to all functions, including your online player profile, your physical ID when you play, as well as you complimentary IDM Club subscription. Please note that the IDM card has strict rules on the picture (since it is used as an ID). You MUST use your own face in the picture for the ID to be valid. If you are having trouble with setting your avatar, simply send us an e-mail with a link to the picture you want us to use and we will take care of the rest.

How do I change my name?
Your name, as well as IBIBO ID, sex, handicap points, and so on can only be changed by IBIBO staff so data is consistent and to increase security. As a result, you cannot change certain details yourself. Username, IBIBO ID, real name are fixed fields. If you have spotted an error, or we missed some special characters, PLEASE contact us via e-mail with the correction and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Services and tools

How do I request shuttle?
Navigate to your control panel. If you are unsure how to do so, see the first question in this FAQ, "How do I change my password". Once there, set your setting "I Need Shuttle (Arrival)" to "Yes". Below that setting, there are several settings marked [IN] for coming into the country and [OUT] for leaving. Please fill in as much info as you can. If you do not have all the info, fill what you know and come back later. Filling as much as possible is crucial, as to avoid a situation where shuttle is insufficient and someone has to say in the airport. Date and time tell us when to come, flight number tells us where (and if the flight is delayed) and the number of people and bags will ensure there is enough room on board.

How do I subscribe to a squad?
To be determined